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MLB draft picks

Players Drafted

Name (High School) Drafted- Year Organization
Ben Revere (Lexington Catholic) 1st round- 2007 Minnesota Twins
Jeremy Dobbs (Daviess County) 30th- 2008 Baltimore Orioles
Robbie Ross (Lexington Christian) 2nd- 2008 Texas Rangers
Chris Wade (Lexington Christian) 11th- 2009 Florida Marlins
Nick Maronde (Lexington Catholic) 38th- 2009 Oakland Athletics
Jeremy Shelby (Tates Creek) 38th- 2010 Baltimore Orioles
Jayson Langfels (Lafayette) 16th- 2010 Colorado Rockies
Casey Luchesse (Dunbar) 39th- 2010 Chicago Cubs
Tyler Oliver (Lexington Christian) 34th- 2010 Washington Nationals
Thomas Royse (Dunbar) 3rd- 2010 Chicago White Sox
Zach Cox (PRP) 1st- 2010 St. Louis Cardinals
Blake Perry (Boyle Co./Pendleton, FL) 6th- 2010 Arizona Diamondbacks
J.T. Riddle (Western Hills) 35th- 2010 Boston Red Sox
Lucas Witt (Lexington Christian) 38th- 2010 Los Angeles Dodgers
Corey Littrell (Trinity) 42nd- 2010 Washington Nationals
Logan Robbins (Western Kentucky) 10th-2011 Atlanta Braves
Matt Spalding (St. Xavier) 29th- 2011 Boston Red Sox
Tyler Wells (Lexington Catholic) 31st- 2011 Boston Red Sox
Jeremy Dobbs (Austin Peay) 33rd - 2011 Seattle Mariners
Wes Wilson (Indiana) F.A. - 2011 New York Yankees
Nick Maronde (Florida) 3rd- 2011 Anaheim Angels
Taylor Martin (Lexington Catholic) 41st- 2011 Colorado Rockies
Chad Martin (Indiana) 10th - 2012 Chicago Cubs
Will Hurt (Lexington Catholic) 16th - 2012 Minnesota Twins
Cameron Flynn (Kentucky) 23rd - 2012 Miami Marlins
Clinton Hollon (Woodford Co) 2nd - 2013 Toronto Bluejays
Corey Littrell (Trinity) 5th - 2013 Boston Red Sox
Trevor Gott (Tates Creek) 6th - 2013 San Diego Padres
J.T. Riddle (Western Hills) 13th - 2013 Miami Marlins
Taylor Blair (Lexington Christian) 35th - 2013 San Diego Padres
Javon Shelby (Tates Creek) 37th - 2013 Milwaukee Brewers
Anderson Miller (Lafayette) 3rd - 2015 Kansas City Royals
Robert Strader (Eastern) 12th - 2015 Baltimore Orioles
Javon Shelby (Tates Creek) 5th - 2016 Oakland Athletics
Lincoln Henzman (LCA) 31st - 2016 Seattle Mariners
Lincoln Henzman (LCA) 4th - 2017 Chicago White Sox
Devin Hairston (Tates Creek) 6th - 2017 Milwaukee Brewers
Jackson Stoeckinger (West Jessamine) 12th - 2017 Washington Nationals
Aaron Perry (Hurricane) 14th - 2017 Boston Red Sox
Logan Taylor (Lexington Catholic) 16th - 2017 White Sox
Ben Fisher (Madison Central) 21st - 2017 Miami Marlins
Conner Heady (North Oldham) 23rd - 2017 Los Angeles Dodgers
Will Moriarty (South Oldham) 32nd - 2017 Texas Rangers
DJ Stewart (Westminister Christian) 39th - 2017 Philadelphia Phillies
Trevor Putzig (Ballard) 18th - 2018 Baltimore Orioles

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